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Well Damn

May 31, 2018

Adina Grigore is a millennial founder of SW Basics and author of wildly popular books Skin Cleanse and Just The Essentials. Today she joins Morgan on the podcast to discuss how to REALLY get your best skin, essential oils, and her mantra for living a life that makes YOU happy.

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May 28, 2018

Morgan shares details on a SPECIAL upcoming LISTENER EPISODE and is joined by shaman and TV Host Alyson Charles (formerly The Rockstar Shaman) in the perfect follow up to Episode 22 "Finding Out The Dream Isn't The Dream" where they discuss "hitting rock bottom", taking time to figure LIFE out, and uncovering...

May 19, 2018

Morgan goes solo for this episode to share a personal story about a recent trauma, overcoming it, and realizing her dream career and life wasn't really "the dream" for her after all. This episode is all about the power that comes from a redirection and reinvention of self.

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Morgan Lynzi 

May 4, 2018

"MY SPIRIT GUIDE HAS GOT MY BACK" "HE IS MY SPIRIT ANIMAL" -- chances are you have heard these phrases before or said them yourself (jokingly or not). Today's guest gifted medium Natalie Miles aka the "spirit guide whisperer" joins me today to answer all of my burning questions about Spirit Guides and how we can all...

May 1, 2018

Today's guest, Julie Pilat, is a music maven -- Google her. I interned for her years ago at KIIS FM in Los Angeles and have always been impressed by her ability to be so connected to community and lifting others up even while juggling some of the most high profile jobs in the music industry. This episode is all about...