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Well Damn

Jun 18, 2018

Morgan sits down with life guru and visionary woman in tech Karla Ballard to talk about trusting your path and where you are right now (even if it makes ZERO sense), her gamechanging new app that is helping people to share their gifts and skills with each other without the barrier of money, and how we all can create...

Jun 12, 2018

Morgan dives deep with Rachael Rice artist, writer, spiritual teacher, and a leading voice on racism, social justice, and deep healing for our generation about racism, #MeToo, toxic masculinity, gun violence, and the activism we all need to engage in to make life on this planet a #welldamn good one for all.


Jun 8, 2018

Morgan is joined by Dr.Judith Orloff author of The Empath's Survival Guide and the leading voice on ALL things Empath to dive into what being an Empath is, how to have healthy relationships as one, handle emotional vampires, the best careers for us and much more.

Morgan Lynzi

Jun 4, 2018

Michael Ventura's Quarter Life Crisis laid the groundwork for his new book Applied Empathy and how his company Sub Rosa works with big brands like Nike and Levis to revolutionize the way they work internally and connect with their audience. This episode we dive into his personal journey as a 20-something, self healing,...