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Well Damn

Nov 2, 2017

Ruby Warrington is a vision of the future where the material and the mystical co-mingle and party in all the same places. A fashion journalist turned mystic, Ruby shares her story of going from her dream career in NY, wild parties, and essentially "having it all" realizing she actually didn't. Hence, kicking off her spiritual journey, her website The Numinous (launched as a space where Celine shoes and the Celestine Prophecy could exist in beautiful harmony), and a book shared in a tone somewhere between Sex & The City and Eat Pray Love, in her new book Material Girl, Mystical World. This episode is for any girl (or guy) just taking the leap into exploring their inner world. How do you reconcile your new interests with your familiar social circle and demands? How do you make friends who are also interested in taking the plunge? How do you pivot into a more conscious career path? These are all questions we get to in todays episode. Press play~


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Morgan Lynzi

Well Damn

Ruby Warrington


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